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Thank you for coming to my site and viewing my blog. This is where I display a Sneak Peek for my clients to get a look at some of their images taken during their Photo Session. This is a wonderful way to get an idea of what I do for my clients and for them to share their experience with their friends and family! Thank you to all of our past and current clients, I am so grateful to be a part of documenting your lives. "Your Portraits.... Our Passion. Together We Create the Perfect Portraits!"

Thursday, November 10, 2011

"30 days Hath November"

This challenge was brought to my attention by another blogger I follow and I couldn't wait to start on it.  My boys however have both been sick with the flu so I am starting on this 10 days late!  Hopefully this falls under the "better late than never" saying but that's what I am going with anyway! lol! ^_~
The challenge is called "30 Days Hath November ".  Every day has something different to inspire your blogging and since my blogging has been suffering... thanks to my love of Facebook... I thought this would be a great way to get me blogging again on the regular!  So I am starting on Day 10 and if I can find the time... I will be going back to the first 9 days too. Thank you "Educated... not so Domesticated" for the idea!!  This is the list I will hopefully be completing! 

  the list:
Day 01: A self-portrait.
Day 02: Three inspirational quotes. 
Day 03: Something I never leave the house without.
Day 04: A friend I adore.
Day 05: Three years ago today.
Day 06: A book I'm reading. 
Day 07: A song for the day.
Day 08: The last item I purchased.
Day 09: A close-up of my day.
Day 10: What I love about my job. 
Day 11: Something I’ve been craving.
Day 12: Three blogs I can’t get enough of.
Day 13: Something I'm proud of. 
Day 14: A favorite movie.
Day 15: Some style inspiration for the season.  
Day 16: Someone who inspires me.
Day 17: My family.
Day 18: What I wore today.
Day 19: A silly self-portrait.
Day 20: A childhood anecdote.
Day 21: Something I could never tire of.
Day 22: Some place I’ve traveled.
Day 23: Eight things you didn't know about me.
Day 24: Something that means a lot to me.
Day 25: The contents of my purse.
Day 26: Something I'm looking forward to.
Day 27: Myself, one year ago. 
Day 28: A skill I'd like to learn. 
Day 29: Some place I'd like to visit.
Day 30: Three wonderful things that happened this month.

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miss macri said...

I'm so glad you are joining in! So sad the boys have been sick - hope they are back up & running now :)