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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Katherine turns 6 months!

Baby Katherine has grown so much, it is hard to believe she is already 6 months old...  The other day I headed over to the family's home to update her portraits and I was surprised to find only her Daddy at home...  Mommy had entrusted him with the photo shoot which was very different for me, if not a first!  Dad is totally cool so that was no worry for me but for a Mom to give that responsibility to Dad was wicked cool.  We all know that Kathleen though is wicked cool anyway ;o) 
Dad went out of his way to find some flowers for the session and it turned out to be really cute, even though Katherine was not her usual smiley self I think the session overall went very well.  Take a look at her pretty in pink look first... 

After giving her a bottle we went and tossed some flowers on the bed for her to play with and to see what she would do with them, creating her flower girl look :o)  My favorite one is where she turned to her Dad and stuck out her tongue as he was trying to make her smile, LOL!

Here we have the reason WHY most Dad's cannot be left alone with the baby when photos are involved!  Just teasing you Adam!  He had Moms approval and I agreed that it would be pretty fun to put Katherine in her Camo Lace Onesie in the backyard.  Dad likes to hunt so this is his Girl Gone Hunting look...   (Oh yeah and don't worry Kathleen, I Photoshop'd Adams hand out of this photo)  ;o)

Katherine is teething so we tried and tried and tried to get her to open her mouth so we could photograph her tooth but the more we tried the more she fought!  So this is what we got of the tooth breaking through on the bottom...  And the last shot OMG is my FAV!! 

Thank you for having me come over to document your beautiful baby girl!  I will be in touch with you soon.

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