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Friday, August 6, 2010

Baby Max turns ONE!!

Max here has finally reached his One Year mark in his life :o)  He is graduating from our "Babies First Year Portrait Program" now.  I can't believe how fast "our babies" grow up. 

Like most kids though, especially those with older siblings, he is walking and on his way to running.  His mom wanted to do some photographs of her boys playing together, so we met at a park in Roseville near their home.  Max's older brother was ready to help him on the slide so we started there.  Take a look at the two cuties...

Max's family has a tradition of dressing the boys in a full sized mans shirt each year.  Then they photograph them so they can look back at how much they have grown over the years.  Such a cute idea!  So this is Max's first year in his shirt.  Watching him walk around in it was hilarious :o)

The next few shots are of the two boys together as we tried to get them to hold each others hand.  If you have boys you know what a task this can be, but it was so funny.  Take a look at the two of them and their facial expressions.  Big brother Jake tried his best and Max wanted nothing to do with it.  The photograph of Max with his hands in the air speaks a 1,000 words!!

As we walked along the path, I noticed his shadow in front of him and thought "how cute is that?!" 
So this one I shall call
"Just Me and My Shadow"

Thank you so much for having us photograph the boys, it's hard to believe Max is already graduating from our Portrait Program ;o)  I hope to be updating your Portraits for many years to come.

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JenH said...

Max is so adorable! Look at all that chub! I just want to squish him! (in a cute way) lol