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Thank you for coming to my site and viewing my blog. This is where I display a Sneak Peek for my clients to get a look at some of their images taken during their Photo Session. This is a wonderful way to get an idea of what I do for my clients and for them to share their experience with their friends and family! Thank you to all of our past and current clients, I am so grateful to be a part of documenting your lives. "Your Portraits.... Our Passion. Together We Create the Perfect Portraits!"

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jon & Amy's Wedding

Jon and Amy's Wedding was beautiful from start to finish.  It all took place at a Lodi Winery called "Vino Con Brio!"  My assistant Chelsea and I began with photographing the grounds and all of the typical wedding journalist things like the flowers, tables, rings, ect.  As soon as the guys were ready to be photographed the laughing began and the smiles only got bigger as the day progressed!  The groom, Jon, and his groomsmen were a lot of fun, especially Jon...  he could make a mime laugh he is so hilarious as you will see in the photos.  The bride, Amy, was breathetaking and her bridesmaids were super fun too, wearing the cutest black cocktail dresses and fushia pink heals. 
The couples full slideshow can be seen on our web-site at: www.claycombphotography.com click on ENTER SITE, then click on the SLIDESHOWS tab near the top.  The password for Jon & Amy is JA8710 and is case sensitive so be sure to capitalize the JA.

Have you ever seen a Groom dance down the isle before?!  The guests were on their feet, laughing, snapping photos, clapping their hands to the beat and grooving to OMG by Usher!  And let me tell you JON CAN DANCE!!  It was the perfect way for this couple to start their wedding, fun is what they wanted and fun is what they got.  The wedding party followed suit by dancing down the isle together...

One of the greatest moments at a wedding for most people is the Bride coming down the isle... Although that moment is precious, the best moment to me... the look on the grooms face when HE first sees her...

Can you see why they are so good for each other?!

One of the greatest images taken during this wedding was this one by my second assistant Sherie...

I'm not sure how many favorites I am up to but this is another one I am in love with, as the couple walks into the reception area together...

Again the entertainment does not stop!  We quickly learned where Jon's sense of humor came from as he danced with his mom during the parent dances... 

And again, this crazy ;o) couple, cuts their cake and proceeds to feed each other a peice, Jon with his goofy crazed look and Amy with her tounge sticking out at him!  Good times guys, good times!

Thanks Jon and Amy for having us document such a wonderful, fun and important day for the two of you :o)  I guess I should have known how much fun it would be after your E-session, huh?! ;o) 
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A.R.K. WeDnEsDaY!!

It's ARK WEDNESDAY everybody!!  It almost turned into ARK forgot day :-/  Sorry about that.  Somehow these weeks have been flying by for me and I swear it was Wednesdays just a couple days ago, wasn't it?  That is because it is still summer break for my boys and I love having them home... usually, LOL!
Well, I had a hard time finding anything completely fantastic to share which is kind of a bummer BUT I did find a pretty cool web-site that I can share!  It is called Sudden Values.  You can choose your local area and find coupons for all kinds of things.  You can find them at www.suddenvalues.com

My favorite deal from them is the Roller King coupon.  Kids or no-kids Roller Skating is a good time for most people.  Here is the direct link for that printable coupon:


Please don't forget to share with others and "Pass It On"!  That is what makes ARK DAY an "ACT of RANDOM KINDNESS" DAY :o)  Share the Love - You and the ones you share with will be Glad you did! ;o)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Amy & Jon's Wedding 8-7-10 Mini-Sneak Peek

Amy and Jon were married last night in Lodi, CA at the Vino Con Brio Winery.  It was a stunning location for their Wedding.  Joined by Chelsea and Sherie, the three of us had a blast with this beautiful couple and their 10 friends, who made up the rest of the Bridal Party.  These couple photographs posted here are for you, Amy and Jon, to enjoy and share with your family and friends until the full story is posted on our blog :o)  Until then if anyone would like updates on this wedding only, please email me at claycombphotography@surewest.net  In the subject line please put "Amy & Jon's Wedding" and I will add you to the list of family and friends to notify, two times, when their story is posted and when the images are ready to be viewed.
We all enjoyed your Wedding last night, Thank you Amy and Jon and Congrats on the start of your new life together!  You make one of the greatest couples I have ever met, second to me and my husband of course ;o)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Baby Max turns ONE!!

Max here has finally reached his One Year mark in his life :o)  He is graduating from our "Babies First Year Portrait Program" now.  I can't believe how fast "our babies" grow up. 

Like most kids though, especially those with older siblings, he is walking and on his way to running.  His mom wanted to do some photographs of her boys playing together, so we met at a park in Roseville near their home.  Max's older brother was ready to help him on the slide so we started there.  Take a look at the two cuties...

Max's family has a tradition of dressing the boys in a full sized mans shirt each year.  Then they photograph them so they can look back at how much they have grown over the years.  Such a cute idea!  So this is Max's first year in his shirt.  Watching him walk around in it was hilarious :o)

The next few shots are of the two boys together as we tried to get them to hold each others hand.  If you have boys you know what a task this can be, but it was so funny.  Take a look at the two of them and their facial expressions.  Big brother Jake tried his best and Max wanted nothing to do with it.  The photograph of Max with his hands in the air speaks a 1,000 words!!

As we walked along the path, I noticed his shadow in front of him and thought "how cute is that?!" 
So this one I shall call
"Just Me and My Shadow"

Thank you so much for having us photograph the boys, it's hard to believe Max is already graduating from our Portrait Program ;o)  I hope to be updating your Portraits for many years to come.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kristy & Robert E-Session

Kristy and Robert are super busy planning their Lodi, CA Wedding in September.  We were able to find an opening in all of our busy lives to finally get their E-Session done and we had a blast!  I took my niece Hailey along, she's 11 and loves photography :o)  We walked all over the Downtown pier and found some awesome places to photograph this cute couple.  Kristy and Robert love water so I wanted to incorporate some water in the background and also get some modern shots of them by the train.  Take a look at their session...

I love adding different effects to photos.  This one is what I would call my "Old School Barn" look.

Here is the Perfect example of their session... Ask them to kiss and then the "high-school" part of Robert, who knew Kristy back then too by the way, comes out of him and then all of us would start laughing!  Thanks Robert!!

Robert wanted to have some fun on the train tracks and since we didn't really want to tie her to the tracks... we did some fun shots of them walking off from each other.

Again, here is Robert entertaining us with his sense of humor!  If this is how the Wedding is going to be, and it usually is, I can't wait.  We are going to have some Good Times!
I am in LOVE with these train shots!  They rock an Old School feel with a Modern flare.  Kristy and Robert make great models, dont you think??!

...And They will Live Happily Ever After.  We can't wait for the Wedding guys!  See you soon :o)