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Friday, April 16, 2010

How to be a good tenant...

I'm sharing this blog article with you because my husband and I feel completely honored by this blog written about us by Sally Dunbar Fair Oaks Realtor (916) 535-0356.  It means so much to be noticed for just being who you are.  Thank you Sally! If you need a realtor give her a call!
It's called "How to be a good tenant...

The tenant in one of my listings is being booted out. My seller has no choice. They have to sell, and all the interest we have had so far, has been from families wanting to raise their kids with the big backyard. No investors have stepped forward.
So last weekend I called the tenant to see if they would uproot their family for the afternoon, so I could troll for their replacement hold an open house. "Sure, we'll go to the park." I felt kinda bad. It turned out to be a cold, somewhat windy day.
When I arrived the house sparkled, the lights were on, candles lit, toys put away... and there on the table was a plate of freshly-baked cookies and a dish of candy. Left by the tenant. The tenant who would be booted out by the results of a successful open house. Amazing.
So why'd they do it? After all, they could have left stinky diapers under the bed, imported a few ants, and conspicuously left a few plumbing bills on their desk... anything to keep from being booted out.
They did it because they are nice people. They know what goes around comes around. That who you are is projected constantly. That your inner light (or darkness) beams in every act you do.
hope the good karma from their actions comes back to them in some way. And here's how I can help.

They're both self employed. He's a pool cleaner. She's a photographer. Biz has got to be slow.
So check out Trina at www.ClaycombPhotography.com. She has some pretty amazing shots, taken with the passion of a Mom. I'm impressed.

Colin owns "Clear To The Bottom" pool service. They're in Carmichael, at (916) 333-3347.

If I had a pool, I would hire them. Because of a plate of cookies."

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