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Thank you for coming to my site and viewing my blog. This is where I display a Sneak Peek for my clients to get a look at some of their images taken during their Photo Session. This is a wonderful way to get an idea of what I do for my clients and for them to share their experience with their friends and family! Thank you to all of our past and current clients, I am so grateful to be a part of documenting your lives. "Your Portraits.... Our Passion. Together We Create the Perfect Portraits!"

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's Our Anniversary!

Since we will be celebrating Our Anniversary alone in Carmel next weekend we decided to do something fun with our two boys: JOHN'S INCREDIBLE PIZZA!!!  Its a little better than Chuck E. Cheese for us and we love to eat the dessert there, YUM!  These are our boys in the car on the way there.  They actually look like they get along here!  Its because they are both Camera hogs, wonder where they get that from...

I have recently fallen in love with Paul Frank.  This was on my sons T-shirt and was given to him by my friend Robyn.  I have the slippers, pajamas and stickers, and I am looking for more!
We are in love with the donuts at Incredible Johns Pizza and in honor of our Anniversary there was a heart shaped one just for me :o)

I woke up this morning to breakfast in Bed and a hot cup of coffee followed by a beautiful card from my hubby.  He is so wonderful!

Our two boys went shopping with each of us by ourselves and the boys picked out a card and a gift for us.  We both got these cute stuffed animals that talk.  My bear is voice activated and responds when I say I love you!  They are so cute!

Time to watch American Idol, Gotta go!!  Love you Colin with all my heart and soul!

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