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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Baby Max's First Photo Session

Okay, this is blog number three for tonight and I think number four will have to wait till tomorrow if you have been following my blogs tonight!
This family was referred to us by one of our current families, thank you so much to Erica Fischer for telling your friend Debbie about us! We appreciate that very much :o)
Debbie just had her second child a couple months ago and she called to have us come over to photograph her two sons. Very common request but not a very common baby, let me explain... Max was extremely tired when I arrived, happens with a lot of infants, they don't sleep well the night before or they woke up really early that morning, totally normal, right?! So he was ready for his morning nap when I arrived. Sometimes I go run errands when that happens and then try back later when they have had a chance to sleep but we decided to try and see what we could get. The first few minutes were good and then Max started to cry, which Mom explained was not usual for him, that he is a smiley baby, so we continued on because the sleeping baby photos are precious anyway. All is normal still... Max eventually falls asleep and Mom sets him down on the bed, which is where the cry photo comes in below, still this is all normal... So again, he falls asleep, Mom lays him down and we get some cute photos of him sleeping, then only a short couple of minutes later he wakes up... What do most of us Mom's expect...Crying, right?! Not Max, ALL SMILES!! :o) He was grinning from ear to ear after his five minute power nap. Me and Debbie were both happy about that fact! Take a look at this cute little boy and his big brother Jacob...
Thank you so much Debbie for having me come over to photograph your boys! I really enjoyed spending time with you guys. You have two sweet little boys :o)

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