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Thank you for coming to my site and viewing my blog. This is where I display a Sneak Peek for my clients to get a look at some of their images taken during their Photo Session. This is a wonderful way to get an idea of what I do for my clients and for them to share their experience with their friends and family! Thank you to all of our past and current clients, I am so grateful to be a part of documenting your lives. "Your Portraits.... Our Passion. Together We Create the Perfect Portraits!"

Friday, October 30, 2009

Eli's 4 month portrait session

This uber-cute little guy is Eli. Another little cutie pie that is a member of our Bebe Collection Series Program! This is his third photo shoot, the first photo below is him in Mama's belly and then at a couple weeks old. They grow up too fast! Take a look at how much he has changed...

Thank you so much for having me over to document little Eli's life and your adorable little girl Catlyn, (sorry if I misspelled her name!) Talk to you guys soon!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kia and Family Portraits in Roseville, CA

We met at a park in Roseville and chased this adorable little boy who is a member of our Bebe Collection Series Program. It was surprising to see him walking because the last time I saw him he was a lot smaller! The first portrait of him was from his first session! Look how much he has changed...We captured a lot of cute moments with the family, playing and reading and Kia in his lion costume.

It was really great to see how much Kia has grown, thank you for meeting me to update your portraits. We will be in touch with you soon!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Baby Max's First Photo Session

Okay, this is blog number three for tonight and I think number four will have to wait till tomorrow if you have been following my blogs tonight!
This family was referred to us by one of our current families, thank you so much to Erica Fischer for telling your friend Debbie about us! We appreciate that very much :o)
Debbie just had her second child a couple months ago and she called to have us come over to photograph her two sons. Very common request but not a very common baby, let me explain... Max was extremely tired when I arrived, happens with a lot of infants, they don't sleep well the night before or they woke up really early that morning, totally normal, right?! So he was ready for his morning nap when I arrived. Sometimes I go run errands when that happens and then try back later when they have had a chance to sleep but we decided to try and see what we could get. The first few minutes were good and then Max started to cry, which Mom explained was not usual for him, that he is a smiley baby, so we continued on because the sleeping baby photos are precious anyway. All is normal still... Max eventually falls asleep and Mom sets him down on the bed, which is where the cry photo comes in below, still this is all normal... So again, he falls asleep, Mom lays him down and we get some cute photos of him sleeping, then only a short couple of minutes later he wakes up... What do most of us Mom's expect...Crying, right?! Not Max, ALL SMILES!! :o) He was grinning from ear to ear after his five minute power nap. Me and Debbie were both happy about that fact! Take a look at this cute little boy and his big brother Jacob...
Thank you so much Debbie for having me come over to photograph your boys! I really enjoyed spending time with you guys. You have two sweet little boys :o)

Paris Family Portraits

Over the weekend this adorable family, which possess one of my favorite names, Paris and who loves our favorite place on earth, San Diego... met me at a park in Rocklin for their family portraits. I know I shouldn't be amazed by this but I am :o) -they have never had a family portrait taken with their two year old little girl... I know, most people do not want to take their children into a studio because of many-many reasons and I fully agree :o) and there are not many affordable photographers, like me, who come to you SO what does all of this mean?? Tell everyone about us! It is a crime to let a family go un-photographed by a professional when they have a new baby unless they just do not like photographs, then that is a whole different problem!
Now, where was I? I am telling you by the fourth blog I need to do tonight, this could get even more weird! So, back to this family who is and was very cute... Their daughter is two years old and that's okay, as I tell all of my clients with two year olds of all stages, I am not with my two sons at the moment and I am not in a hurry to go home and deal with their attitudes, so I am fine with taking our time to get all that we can get! We did have fun together, although it was warm for this October afternoon. Take a look at the sneak peek...

Thank you so much Nancy for contacting us to take your very first family portraits, I feel honored and I am grateful to have met you guys! We will be in touch with you soon.

Colton's Family Portraits

Blogging is getting harder and harder as the season gets deeper into Fall... BUT I am grateful though!! That one is for you my dear friend Robyn ;o) LOL! My friend Robyn is a very grateful person, truly she is, but she says "I'm gateful" at the end of sentences that SHE feels could be misconstrued as complaints, which they never are ROBYN!! Haha! Okay, totally of track now, these portraits below are my husbands family members and through marriage I guess I will claim his brother too ;o) The kids are for sure MY niece and nephew and the two boys with them at the end of these portraits are mine by way of labor pains! It's late and I have sooooo many blogs to get to, that's my explanation for my weirdness right now. Enjoy!