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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

SoCk PaRtY TiMe!

This has become our Winter Tradition with our friends, to get together in our Pj's, play games, make cookies, and have a sock contest! We had a lot of fun palying Taboo with about 30 people in our living room while the younger kids watched movies and tried to play twister while the Kings were on TV LOSING again. Anyway, here are a few snap shots of the evening... ENJOY!
Here are the guys and the girls socks. My husband won with snowman toes socks and since I didn't think it was right for him to get the prize we bought we let the second place winner take home the prize of $30 in movie gift cards. It was perfect that Cheyenne got them because she is a movie freak! Bolt 3 times now?? Hahaha!
I pre-made some sugar cookie dough and dyed it blue and pink to add some fun to the cookies. Every child got a piece of dough to design their own cookies and a few bigger kids joined in too
: o) After they were cooked and cooled off we decorated them with frosting and sprinkles-Yummy!

Thank you everyone for coming and making the party a memorable one. Sorry if you couldn't make it but there is always next year! Until then keep your eyes peeled for the perfect socks, you never know what they could win for you! LOL.

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