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Thank you for coming to my site and viewing my blog. This is where I display a Sneak Peek for my clients to get a look at some of their images taken during their Photo Session. This is a wonderful way to get an idea of what I do for my clients and for them to share their experience with their friends and family! Thank you to all of our past and current clients, I am so grateful to be a part of documenting your lives. "Your Portraits.... Our Passion. Together We Create the Perfect Portraits!"

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tucker Baby and Brothers

It was time to update Rylan's baby portraits since she hit her third month mark, so my 8 year old son and I went to the Tucker's home together. My son is usually good at making kids laugh, just like his dad, so he came along to help mommy. We started off with the three kids in the wagon. Big brother is good at holding his little sister! They are all too cute together.

Mom decided to jump in for a few photos and Tanner was laughing as his mom tickled him. He has the most adorable little face, especially when he is laughing!

Wyatt is an active little boy and the photos of him are a lot more creative and show off the boy in him. Here he is playing with the moss on the rock and the next one he is climbing a tree and laughing at my son making faces beside me!

It is finally Rylan's turn in the spot light. She is a little more patient since she still has no idea what the camera is for at this age. She is smiling at her mommy and showing off her dimples as she coos and makes her little baby noises : o) aw- how I miss those days...

Showing off a couple different outfits and trying to figure out what colors look best on little Rylan- I think we decided on the beautiful pink colors at the end of the session in her "kiss me" t-shirt looked the best on her.

While mom changed the baby into her final outfit, I told Tanner to tackle his brother and it started a little brawl. Tanner got Wyatt pretty good as I took this shot of them playing around!

Rylan wasn't too sure what I was doing as I got this little look from her, but it didn't take long before she started smiling her best smiles and showing off just how adorable she can be!

This one is my personal favorite and the last one I will leave you with for this sneak peek... Thank you so much Tucker's for having us document these moments of Rylan's life along with her brothers too. I feel privileged to be able to watch the babies and children grow in "my families" lives. Your session photos will be ready to view very soon and we are looking forward to seeing you again in December!

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