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Saturday, August 16, 2008

2008 BLoCk PaRtY!

We recently moved into a beautiful new neighborhood in Carmichael. We love that the block is filled with families and that we have not one but two CHP Officers living on our block too! Soon after we moved in our very sweet neighbors even came to our door with an awesome basket of fresh fruits and vegetables and a plate of fresh baked treats-YUMMY!!! That is the way all neighborhoods should be. We feel so "at home" here. We went to our first Annual block party in our neighborhood and found out later it has been going on for about 30 years! Our CHP neighbor brought his bike to show it off to the kids and they LOVED IT!
This is our youngest son who was laughing and playing with the buttons... Until he found the lights and siren.. Then it was not so much fun anymore! He was pretty freaked out after that!This is our oldest son and he thinks he is pretty hot stuff sitting on the CHP motorcycle.
This is the son of our neighborhood watch coordinator and he enjoyed sitting on the bike and pretending to ride it as well. All of us got to know one another a little better, talked about the neighborhood issues with the police officers that came to our party and ate some good food. There were a lot of great salads and YUMMY desserts to eat. My favorite were the homemade cookies with the jelly filled centers!

The "neighborhood babysitter" was teaching some of us how to ride her super cool skateboard. Even my husband needed help getting on it and I don't believe he ever got anywhere on it. There is a time in your life when new things like that just don't click anymore but she is a pro!
This is one of my favorite photos of the night. This is the CHP Officers little girl and she is sooo cute. She was trying to ride my sons tri-cycle and I snapped shots of her all evening.
Another highlight of the night was when the firefighters showed up with their truck and the Police Officers let the kids look inside their car as well.

One looks like he is having WAY too much fun in the back of the Police car and the other one looks really guilty!
The firefighters were really nice, they talked to all of us for quit awhile and as they left they turned on the lights and sirens for all of us to hear. It made the night a special evening that our family will always remember.
It was really nice to get to know all of our neighbors and thank you for welcoming us in the way you have. We feel really good about being here and we will do our part to drive slow down the street because we have so many children here and we will keep a watch out on the neighborhood and on your homes to help keep it a safer place.

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Gigers said...

Aw thatnks for the nice comments. I am glad to have you as a neighbor. The photos are wonderful, thanks for posting. I'd love to have a copy of Jim and I.
Thanks so much,