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Friday, July 18, 2008

Saying Good-Bye to Dick Kruse

Our longtime close friend passed away recently in San Diego, CA. This was a dear friend I knew from birth. He was a very sweet man. Through out his entire life he helped others and cared deeply for all of those around him. My mom was very close to Dick and his wife Lindy so we decided together that we needed to fly there to support our "family". The follow photos are from our trip and of the memorial service and reception for the Kruse family. We love you all so much and our hearts and prayers are with you all...
This is Lindy Kruse and their son Ricky. (Below is Lindy with her two daughters) Every year our family drives to San Diego for our vacation time. Ricky and his beautiful wife Jen lovingly open up their home to my husband and I and our two boys. It is our favorite place to be and we are so grateful to have such wonderful friends.

During our trip to San Diego this time my youngest son went with us and we stayed with another family of wonderful friends that we know in San Diego, Sam, Betsy and Paloma. Our family has a very long history with them as well. This photo is of Betsy and her mom Joan, also one of my moms dearest friends.

This is Ricky's beautiful wife Jen! ; ) LOL

After the Memorial Services the family and friends had prepared a wonderful spread of food and desserts for all of the guests to enjoy together.

Although our trip was not exactly for a happy occasion we were able to spend a couple days catching up with everyone and we are so glad that we were able to go and give our support. If any friends or family members would like to view all of the photos that I took, e-mail me at claycombphotography@surewest.net and I will give you the password and directions to view them on my web-site and I will also send you a CD if you would like one. We love you all and we will keep you in our prayers.

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