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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Portis Twins - 3 Months Old

Announcing 3 month old twins, Harmony and Echun! This is their first official photo session with us although we photographed them in mommy's tummy and at our Annual Baby & Child Photo Contest when they were only 1 month old. This session was all about them this time and showing off how adorable they are! All of us mom's out there who don't have multiples can only imagine how much work -and joy : ) they bring to your home and then you add in cutie pie Lyric who is their 1 year old little girl, phew... it makes me tired just thinking about it! They are so-so cute and loveable, it makes it all worth it in the end. Enjoy your sneak peek!

Lyric was feeling a little bit left out of the photographs so we put her up in the chair with her brother and sister, one in each arm, and to my surprise they all looked at me at the same moment, how funny is that?!

As babies often do, they started to get a little sleepy. This gives us the perfect opportunity to get photos of them relaxed and just wait to see what happens. As they wiggled around, want their binkies or sometimes fall asleep, we can capture the real part of who they are. Then years from now you will look back at the photos and remember these precious moments and how fast they fly by. Which always leads me into reminding parents and families not to wait or put off your portraits, because children grow fast and you never know what tomorrow will bring. All you have are your memories and the photos you take to remember the past...

This one is my personal favorite of Harmony sleeping in her mother's arms. This is what tells a story that lasts forever. Thank you for having us come over to get your new babies in print! They are absolutely adorable. Congratulations to you both, enjoy them while they are little, get some rest and keep on taking lots of pictures of them, as I know you do all the time : ) I can't even count how many pictures I have of my boys! We will be in touch with soon.

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