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Thank you for coming to my site and viewing my blog. This is where I display a Sneak Peek for my clients to get a look at some of their images taken during their Photo Session. This is a wonderful way to get an idea of what I do for my clients and for them to share their experience with their friends and family! Thank you to all of our past and current clients, I am so grateful to be a part of documenting your lives. "Your Portraits.... Our Passion. Together We Create the Perfect Portraits!"

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Daniel's Senior Portraits

Daniel is the son of one of our long-time pool service customers. For those of you that may not know, my husband and I also own a pool service and repair business. Last year I did Deborah's older son Donnie's Senior Portraits and she called me again this year (last minute-ha ha :) to do Daniel's. My boys decided to go with me since we were going to the river - there is something about boys when it comes to rocks, water and ducks!

We started off in my favorite area to shoot because of the lighting, the different colored walls and rock areas. Daniel plays football for Foothill High so we were going for the tough look.

These next two are my personal favorites!

Graffiti can also make some interesting looks in Senior Portraits so we tried out this ally way wall and I think he can pull it off...Lookin' good Daniel!

Next we made our way down to the River and of course, Daniel included, all the boys started to throw rocks at the ducks swimming by as I, the sensitive one, told them to stop and leave them alone. My 8 year old son actually got one of the ducks, thankfully with a very small rock! Good thing Daniel wasn't a baseball player! JK : )
Here is the shot of my son and the duck...
Daniel said that he is an outdoors kind of guy so he jumped up on the rocks behind us for some mountain-man poses and to show off his climbing skills. I must say he can climb really well and he is a natural in front of the camera.

We ended it off with a few funny shots and headed back up to our trucks. Thank you Deborah for all of your trust in my work and with the refferal of your friends! I love my job and it feels great when others appreciate what I do too.

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