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Monday, February 4, 2008

Steven Roman - Del Campo High

Last week I got a phone call from Michelle requesting Photographs of her son, Steven Jr. to be taken before he dyed his hair blonde! Steven is on the wrestling team at Del Campo High School and is graduating this year. Before their tournaments begin all the guys on the team dye their hair blonde and Michelle forgot she wanted his Senior Portraits done before this happened. I was more than happy to adjust my schedule to accomodate her last minute request to arrive at the school in three days and meet them in the gym. It was raining and windy that day but we still got a lot of great shots inside and outside the gym.

This is what Steven calls his "Signature Look"! Not his mothers favorite pose but it does tell his story and if you know him, it will make you smile or laugh for sure.

He wanted to change into his Wrestling gear so we went back inside the gym for a quick change. I always encourage Seniors and their families to think about what they love and want to portray in the photographs and then I work with them to bring that out. In Stevens case he loves wrestling. I went to the gym and he had a few styles of clothing ready to change into to get a few different looks.

We started our Photo Session before a wrestling match, so a lot of the guys were starting to show up and practing in the gym area where we were. I thought it would be fun to capture him in action so I told Steven to grab one of his buddies and throw each other around. We got some great action shots!

Some of my final favorites. I love the idea of doing Senior Portraits right at the school when the kids are involved in after school activities. This makes it possible for me to utulize the school colors and letters to bring out their own personal story.

I will leave you with this last shot of Steven and Sam (his little sister). I wanted to get some nice shots for mom of the two of them together (and I did) but this one is great because it's a classic brother-sister relationship type of pose. Gotta love it!

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