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Monday, February 4, 2008

Our Anniversary! January 20th 2008

It's our Anniversary and it is always a big deal around our house. Celebrating our love and our family together on our Anniversary is something we always look forward to. We have some very special friends we like to celebrate with, it has become quit the tradition! We always exchange gifts with each other on our Anniversaries, even if money is tight we still at least do cards and a bottle wine or something. Last year was very exciting when our friends were celebrating their 20th. We had so much fun! We rented a limo, ate dinner at THE MELTING POT (super yummy!) and then had a surprise formal dessert candle-lit party for them with their closest friends. After that we took them to a bed and breakfast in downtown Sac called Spa Bloom/ Inn at Parkside so they could stay the night alone while I took their 3 girls for the night. All of this was a surprise and an absolute blast! Sorry, I love to tell stories! Anyway the point is we went over to their house this year to say hello because my best friend has been ill for quit sometime now and they surprised us with some beautiful gifts and these flowers. Daisies are my favorite flower and part of the theme in my wedding.

Then, we went and stayed at the same bed and breakfast we took them to last year. This is our first time with out the boys since the "baby" was born a little over two years ago. It was so beautiful and I highly recommend this place to everyone! They have great tubs, the most comfortable beds you ever slept on in their new building and you get a free gourmet breakfast in bed. The room we stayed in was called "KISS", I love red.

After that and a huge thank you to my mom for taking the boys for the night, we headed out for our tradition week long vacation. This year we went to Windsor and stayed at a beautful resort. The weather was yucky and rainy but we were prepared. Nana came with us for a couple of days and the boys were in heaven. Our youngest is always full of crazy, funny looks as you will continue to see a few that I captured. This one is his jelly toast look.

We brought a 1,000 piece puzzle to work on together that looked pretty easy. Key word: looked. It's a good thing my puzzle master mom was with us to help us start it off because this was the weirdest cut puzzle I had ever seen. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of me and my mom working on puzzles together on vacations, so this was very special to have my family doing this together.

One of the greatest things a resort can have in our book is a heated swimming pool in the middle of winter! Our kids love to swim and it's that much more fun when it's the time of year that most pools are about to freeze over. We had fun in the pool but once we got out we all became icesicles.

Still working on the puzzle...

And still celebrating...

No day is complete or started for that matter without my coffee! So this picture basically represents me since I am not in very many pictures! (ha-ha)

The resort also had a basketball court which used to double as a tennis court. So we played netless tennis together and then went over to their playground to let the boys get out some of their energy before it started to rain again.

This is one of my favorite shots. I took this through a very small hole in the side of the play structure (that's why you can see green around his face) as he climbed up. Isn't he adorable!

And here are some more of his silly crazy faces...

My vacations are also not complete without me trying to get portraits of my boys. My husband stuck them up into a tree covered with moss and we soon found out that our youngest was just a little uneasy about the height thing, but I still got my shot!

The Puzzle is FINALLY done, only three days of obsessing on it, not too bad. Everone was amazed!

My husband loves to mess with their hair, which at this point in time really needed to be cut, but they got some great looking hair styles after their bath.

Windsor is near or in the wine country area so we had to drive over to Napa for a short visit even though it was drizzling outside. We took a very pretty route and enjoyed all of the green surroundings and wineries. Our destination was a place called V. Sattui. They have a beautiful picnic area, a cheese counter and deli, a store full of sauces and gifts and a wine tasting room. We got some port and a red wine for dinner and tasted their yummy sauces that were out to try. Our favorites were the chocolate sauce and the raspberry sauce. Oh yah, and we picked up some whoopie pies (chocolate cakes with marshmellow cream in the middle) for my best friend
mentioned earlier, since they are her favorite dessest and hard to find.

I took this picture in honor of my wonderful husband. He is absolutely the greatest. He cooks, he cleans, he works and still helps with our kids and he always puts my needs ahead of his own. He is very spoiled though as well : )

And last but not least, Downtown Windsor. This whole town was leveled and they built this adorable little area full of neat little shops like Powell's candy store, full of all types of candies, a toy store, clothing stores and gift shops and a really awesome place for breakfast called KC's Downtown Grille. Great service, great food and great prices.

We had such a nice time there. Our next vacation is DisneyLand and California Adventure in February so come back and see the pictures from that in March sometime!

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